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Chester Village is renowned for its consistency of long-term care services and low turn-over of staff. Many have been with us for over 20 years.


This department oversees the operation of the home and reports directly to the Board of Directors. It is accountable to the LHIN and the Ministry of Health for all financial reporting and responsibilities.

CEO - Cynthia Marinelli

Email: cynthia@chestervillage.ca

Financial Coordinator - Joyce Jui

Email: joyce@chestervillage.ca

Office Manager - Layla Govindarajoo

Email: layla@chestervillage.ca


Oversees all nursing and personal care. Nursing services are available 24 hours a day and provided by registered nursing staff and personal support workers. Administration of medication and assistance with activities of daily living are provided.

co-Director of Care - Gina Santos, RN

Email: gina@chestervillage.ca

co-Director of Care - Anna Lei, RN

Email: anna@chestervillage.ca

IPAC Lead - Alma Joyce Cribe, RN

Email: almajoyce@chestervillage.ca

RAI Coordinator - Joy Loro, RN

Email: joy@chestervillage.ca

Nurse Manager Days - Julieta Ordiz, RN

Email: julieta@chestervillage.ca

Nurse Manager Evenings - Ravindika Rathnayaka, RN

Email: ravindika@chestervillage.ca

Nurse Manager Nights - Simran Kaur, RN

Email: simran.chestervillage@gmail.com

IPAC Champion - Krizia Enriquez, RPN

Currently on Maternity Leave


Behavioural Support Lead - Hidulfa Marimon, RPN

Email: hidulfa@chestervillage.ca

Quality Lead and Clinical Placement Coordinator - Christine Fleming, RPN

Email: christinef@chestervillage.ca

Staff Educator - Katica Miteva

Email: katica.chestervillage@gmail.com

Staff Schedule Coordinator - Kelly Rheaume

Email: kelly@chestervillage.ca


Oversees all leisure activities for residents to direct their own life choices, promoting fun and meaningful living to enhance their lifestyle. Coordinates all volunteers and ensures Resident Council meetings occur.

Activation Manager - Morgan Geast

Email: morgan@chestervillage.ca

Volunteer Coordinator - Andrea Macina

Email: andrea@chestervillage.ca


Facilitates the admission process of new residents into Chester Village. Also acts as a link between family members, our multidisciplinary team, and a direct liaison between Home & Community Care Support Services when addressing the needs of prospective residents.

Family & Community Coordinator - Lynda Southwick

Email: lynda@chestervillage.ca


Oversees all areas of nutritious food services, meeting Public Health and Ministry of Health standards. Specializes in rotating, seasonal and cultural menus.

Food Service Manager - Claudia Leite

Email: claudia@chestervillage.ca


Oversees and provides all building maintenance, laundry and housekeeping services.

Environmental Services Manager - Derek Middleton

Email: derek@chestervillage.ca