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Visit and Evaluate Each Long-Term Care Home


  1. Do patients appear happy and well taken care of?
  2. Is the building clean and well maintained?
  3. Are wheelchairs and other equipment in clean working order?
  4. Are activity calendars posted with a variety and sufficient number of activities for patients to choose from each day?
  5. Do the dining room and kitchen look clean and are cooks wearing hair covering?
  6. Are the rooms neatly arranged and individually decorated with personal possessions of residents?
  7. Do staff members interact cheerfully with patients and each other?
  8. Are resident call bells responded to quickly?
  9. Are staff members responsive to resident or family member needs and requests?
  10. Are staff members visible?
  11. Are residents treated with dignity and respect?
  12. Does the linen look clean?
  13. Is there an outdoor patio for resident and family use?
  14. Is resident privacy protected during resident care and treatment (are room doors and privacy curtains used)?
  15. Do staff members stop and knock on room doors prior to entering resident rooms?
  16. Do residents appear clean?
  17. Are there any strong odors in the facility?
  18. Are rooms well ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature?
  19. Ask to eat a meal and evaluate the quality and taste of the food.