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There is a wide variety of leisure activities that fulfill the cognitive, emotional, cultural, physical, spiritual and social needs of the residents. We create opportunities for residents to direct their own life choices and strive to enhance the individuality and well-being of each resident.

In keeping with Chester Village’s Meaningful Living philosophy, the following services are offered:

  1. Resident directed menus/activities & programs
  2. Visiting & live-in pet program
  3. Intergenerational programs with local schoolchildren
  4. Horticultural programs
  5. Physiotherapy programs
  6. Restorative care programs and group exercises
  7. Art studio and music therapy
  8. Seniors on the Internet, computer guidance
  9. Volunteer program
  10. Family and Residents councils
  11. Spiritual programs and memorial services
  12. Dementia care
  13. Younger Adult care (post stroke, ABI, etc.)
  14. Chinese RHA catering to specific needs with Chinese-speaking staff and Chinese cuisine
  15. 24-hour On-Call medical care
  16. Seasonal, Family and Birthday celebrations
  17. Community newsletter
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